Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Connect Secured Service Fabric Cluster by Windows Security - from non trusted domain

If you have a Service Fabric cluster which you secured using Windows security - you need to use the following powershell command to connect to it:
Connect-ServiceFabricCluster -ConnectionEndpoint "ServerName:19000" –WindowsCredential
This, however, requires you to be logged in as a memeber of the domain of the cluster or a trusted domain.
If this is not the case - you will fail to login (after long wait in my case).

If you need to connect from a different domain, you can use this workaround:
(Notice: you must run this elevated as Administrator)
runas /netonly /user:Domain\Username powershell
Give the password when asked for, and this will open a new Powershell where you can run the Connect command succesfully.

the other way is to add this Windows Credential to your Credential Manager in Control Panel:

Then you can simplly call the connect command - It will connect without any problem.

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