Friday, March 12, 2010

TFS 2008 –> TFS 2010 upgrade


18:00 waiting for last developers to check in their code.
18:05 R&D manager sends “Good luck”
18:15 Still waiting
18:20 Last check in
18:25 Waiting for last build to complete
18:40 Get latest sources for backup
18:45 Shutdown IIS, SharePoint and Reporting
18:45 checking no connection to DBs
18:55 Running backup task on DBs
19:27 Copying DB backup files to another machine (to be on the safe side)
19:40 still copying latest sources to another computer
20:00 Ghost backup
20:18 Detaching all DBs
20:30 Trying to boot from Win 2008 R2 installation disk.
The server doesn’t recognize the DVD.
20:40 Trying to connect USB DVD… same problem.
21:00 Trying to use Network Deployment
21:30 We get the OS task sequence on the server – but it doesn’t work
22:00 We try to fix the problem by recreating the task sequence
but now we don’t see it at all
22:05 One of us driving home to bring IDE to USB cables to connect a standard DVD Drive
22:35 He is back – it seems to work
After few minutes – the cables stop to response…
22:40 We decide to limit ourselves till 00:00  - then switch to VM
22:50 I drive home and bring my USB DVD Drive
It works!
23:00 Windows 2008 R2 doesn’t have drivers to Intel 7320 RAID controller
trying to find drivers
23:10 Searching for a floppy diskette (and a computer with floppy drive)
23:20 Drivers don’t fit
23:30 Searching…
23:55 Finding the correct drivers (64 bit)
00:00 RAID recognized!
00:03 Error 80300001 – can’t install – we are in panic
00:05 Thanks Don't Panic blog for telling us we need to return the installation media back…
00:10 Error 80070017 – burning another DVD.
00:25 First machine connected to the domain (Data Layer)
00:35 starting to Install windows updates
00:42 First restart of TSDB
00:49 Preparing To Configure Windows. Please Do Not Turn Off Your Computer…
By some blogs – this can take hours…
01:43 TSDB restarted (Only ~1 hour)
01:50 Installing .Net 3.5 on TSDB
01:53 Starting SQL 2008 installation
02:11 Installing IIS on Foundation (Application Tier)
02:16 Installing SQL 2008 SP1 on TSDB
02:17 Installing .Net 3.5 on Foundation
02:25 Installing SQL 2008 on Foundation
02:30 Problems with Permissions on drive D
03:00 Issue solved by giving the permissions again on D root cascading.
03:05 Tea break
03:18 Finish configure Reporting Service (with new DB. old one renamed)
03:30 Installing SharePoint Services and configure
04:55 After wasting 1.5 hours on permissions issue – finished to attach DBs
05:05 Installing VS 2008 on Foundation
05:10 Configure SharePoint website
05:20 Restoring old Content DB into the newly created SharePoint site
05:45 Finishing installation of VS 2008 (with all editions)
05:50 Installing VS 2010 on Foundation
06:13 Starting TFS 2010 installation
06:23 Configuration tool start to run
06:28 Configuration on step 96 (Version Control)
It should take some hours.
So we go to sleep.
10:00 Step 146…
12:40 TFS Installation completed successfully!!!
more configurations will be made later.
13:40 Our DBA crated backup task – and  ran it
13:52 Backup completed
14:46 Finished to switch folders to branches
16:27 VS 2010 installed on Build machine
16:30 Proxy server (Beta) configured to work with the upgraded instance
16:42 Team Build installed

To be continued after Shabbat…

19:20 Trying to run build
It failed because of workspace problem
Removing workspaces and try again
19:40 Build failed because of ResGen bug of long command lines.
known issue – will be solved by removing all not needed resx files.
20:50 Build still fails because workspace still connected to old URL.
Need to install compatible Team Explorer for VS 2008
21:11 Build passed!
22:30 Important build passed (after switching TF path in environment variables)
22:56 Configured our internal extension web service for TFS
23:08 Working Items customized event works
00:40 Timesheet implementation (in TFS WorkItems) works as well
01:00 Diff build doesn’t work correctly
01:11 new WIs and Categories Imported
02:30 Diff build still do make problems:
the order of the build is incorrect, and the incremental flag is ignored.
Need to see if the diff will overcome this or not
03:45 Diff still a problem – will be left for another day
04:07 Sending mail to all users