Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Public Cloud Only strategy - Uncompetative

I have watched Michael Dell's keynote on DELL EMC World 2017, and he said:
Anyone with a Cloud First strategy that is Public Cloud Only - I think will find himself uncompetitive for workloads that have predictable characteristics (see the video here).
Maybe this will change over time, but for now I fully agree with this.

From our experiance, even for QA environmnets that we can take down during the nights - we still pay more on the cloud than On Premise.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Crash on my next step

After seeing few human mistakes that take down a fully redundant system - I have added a new tool to my belt.

Simply tell yourself the following, before doing any configuration change:
Doing the next planned step - I need to crash the whole system - How can I make it happen?
Now you'll look for ways that a crash can really happen, instead of being sure you know it won't.

Good luck, and break a leg - not the system.