Thursday, October 29, 2009

Convert folder to branch failure - Deleted folder

When you try to conevert a folder into a branch in TFS 2010, you may fail if you already have a branch somewhere in its sub folders.

The error is TF203028: You cannot create a branch at $serverPath because a branch already exists at $SubFolderServerPath.

You can fix this by converting this sub folder back to folder (as you can't have a branch inside a branch)

You might however don't see any such branch folder.
In this case - just set Visual Studio to show deleted items in Team Explorer.
Then you will be able to convert this sub folder into a folder - which will fix the problem

Bypass Gated Check in from TF Checkin Command Line (TFS 2010)

In Team System 2010, Microsoft added long wanted feature – Gated Check in.

This feature lets you promise you won’t break the build by your check in, by converting the check in into a shelveset – running a build with your changes, and only if the build succeed – it check in the code on behalf of you.

It gives you of course the option to bypass this behavior (if you have the required permission).

My problem started in the fact that during the build process itself – we perform a check in…
So this check in fail with the message (and exited with code 1):

Your check-in has been placed into shelveset Gated_XXXXXXX;Domain\User and submitted for validation by build definition \Project-Name\Build-Definition.

I have looked at MSDN for TF Checkin flag that will replace the GUI option to bypass the gated build:


But as you can see, no new option was added.

Luckily, I have run also the TF checkin /? command:

Command Line

And as you can see, there are few new options here:

  1. shelveset
  2. bypass
  3. login

Those 3 new options came to support this “Gated Check in” feature.
I was actually looking for the /bypass option – which, what a surprise, bypass this feature.

I hope that this MSDN document will be updated soon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Upgrade from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 Beta 2 – long wait (literally)

Yes! We have finally got the TFS 2010 Beta 2!!!

I have restored our production Team Foundation Server Databases into a clean computer.
The setup was very easy – just selecting Upgrade flow, and filling some details.

Then it arrived to the most critical part – upgrading the DBs themselves.

It took almost 6 hours…


but… it finished successfully!


So the proof of concept for upgrading has proofed the concept!

Now of course, we still need to see how to upgrade our customized CMMI process – to have all the new staff Microsoft put in the new one. I guess we will use Allen Clark’s Enabling New Features of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta 1 in Upgraded Team Projects