Thursday, October 29, 2009

Convert folder to branch failure - Deleted folder

When you try to conevert a folder into a branch in TFS 2010, you may fail if you already have a branch somewhere in its sub folders.

The error is TF203028: You cannot create a branch at $serverPath because a branch already exists at $SubFolderServerPath.

You can fix this by converting this sub folder back to folder (as you can't have a branch inside a branch)

You might however don't see any such branch folder.
In this case - just set Visual Studio to show deleted items in Team Explorer.
Then you will be able to convert this sub folder into a folder - which will fix the problem


Adam C said...

Thanks! This did the trick. I wasn't aware of the "Show deleted" option.

Stian Sveen said...

+1. Not easy to find this on my own.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what to do, when a branched folder is renamed and you want to convert it back to a folder? :*(