Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny commercial or TFS DB upgrade?

Hi again

This time I'm not here to speak about technology, but to tell you about a very funny commercial produced for the company I work for, about American travel to Paris...

You know what? maybe I'll use the opportunity to share with you some technology issues anyway:

I was in the middle of replacing the machine of our TFS Data layer server, and got to the step where you should tell Sharepoint Services that you have switched Database...

I was using the instruction from "How to Restore Data for Team Foundation Server to a Different Server" document from MSDN:

Type the following command:

stsadm –o renameserver –oldservername
OriginalDataTierServerName -newserver NewDataTierServerName

So I just copied the line from the doc, and paste it into the Command Line Console.
I have changed the old & new server names, and... It didn't worked.

I got "Command line error".

After struggling this for 15 minutes, I found out there is a mistake in the doc:
The second parameter should be "-newservername" and not "-newserver".

So now it worked? of course not!

Struggling again, until I found one comment in WSS Blog from that guy "paisleygo", who says:
There is also the issue with the "typing" the command rather than pasting it. That part is critical - the paste seems to mess up the hyphen character. - So once I fixed all the hyphens in my bat file - things worked great!

Thanks paisleygo!

So my teacher was right all this time: "READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!"
Yes M'em - it was written in the doc to TYPE the line - not to copy it...

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