Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 (Beta, and now RTM too)

Microsoft does it again...

Last time Microsoft released .NET Framework 3.5 they have included .NET 2.0 SP1 inside it, and it took them very long time to release a document telling what have been changed in this SP1.

Today Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service pack 1 Beta has been released.
and Microsoft even tells what inside this SP1 (see the download page overview section)

it is written there (on the Brief Description) that it includes .NET Framework 2.0 service pack 2 too.


They haven't released a stand alone .NET 2.0 SP 2...
And worst - They haven't told what have been changed in this .NET 2.0 SP 2.

This information is critical - as most of current running applications are built on .NET 2.0 (with or without SP1)

So we (the developers) need to know if there are any "red bits" on this SP2 or not.
We need to know what have been changed - so we would be able to decide which type of testing we need to do before applying this SP2.

So if someone have this info - Please release it.

Thanks in Advance...

p.s. all stand for .NET Framework 3.0 service pack 2 too...



You can find .NET Frameworks 2.0 SP2 and 3.0 SP2 bootstrapper packages (RTM, I hope) by following the link (from MSDN). I haven't tested it.

If you prefer a very funny movie instead... (from the company I work for - proper disclosure)


Antonio Maradiaga said...

Great post...I was searching for this .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 as it's required to install SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. You can't find it in the Microsoft Download Center...

Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

same here! thankfuly i found this post otherwise i'd be stumped :)

Anonymous said...

same Here... Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

If you want to get .net2.0 sp2 standalone MSI, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

1. Open registry Editor
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\EA93D3E5D60880E33A30DFA7A68C4C0F\InstallProperties
and look for LocalPackage property. That is the standalone MSI .net 2.0 sp2.

When you run that MSI and pop up a message "To install this product please run Setup.exe", you have to use Orca to remove "CA_BlockDirectInstall_Cartman_MSI_x86_enu.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8" action from CustomAction table.

If you found this is hard, send me an email, I can forward my standalone for you.



ச‌ஹ்ரித‌ய‌ன் said...


Visit this msdn blog


Hope fully very soon we will get a separate .Net 2.0 SP 2 out soon from Microsoft,

Until all their R&D on .Net 3.x,4.x gets over, we can safely ride on .Net 2.0 ;)



Yonatan Leonov said...

Thanks, puyopuy & Sahridhayan.

Eran Smith said...

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Barbara Jones said...

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