Sunday, January 13, 2008

13 months a year?

Do you believe in "Unlucky 13"?

Today (13th) we had a bug on production.
Yesterday it worked... Today it doesn't....

After short debugging I have analyzed it to be a date parsing error - so I switched the date on the server back to yesterday, and it worked again.

So finally I found out that the culture was Hebrew while the Dataset was comparing based on Invariant culture. so:

12/1/2008 can be translated both as:

  • 12th JAN
  • 1st DEC

But 13/1/2008 can only be translated as:

  • 13th JAN

but it would crash if you try to translate it as 1st to ??? (the 13th month...)

It just remind be a great book of Erich Kästner - The 35th of May...

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