Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why Tablet PC is not a good Idea

at least not when you have small kids at home...

I love my x60 Tablet (Lenovo's ThinkPad) and as Photography is one of my main hobbies I work on it quite a lot in its Tablet state.

Now, I have 3 kids at home - they all love to paint.

So when they saw me playing with the wonderful application - ArtRage, they have automatically joined the party.

This was fine with me - why not giving my little baby to draw with the WACOM pen instead of soiling gouache all over the place?

Until today the little one saw her big brother using the Tablet, and because the WACOM pen was taken - she just picked up a Mechanical pencil from somewhere and...

OUCH... a Scratch.

Lesson learned: Buy a tablet for each kid so yours will be safe!

Lesson learned (for not that rich people): KISS - Keep It Shut, Stupid!

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